Micro links : Education project in FSM, RMI; Yap delegation visits China; US territories backdoor for terrorists….

ADB signs co-financing agreement for basic education in FSM and RMI

Currently waiting for the FSM Congress to approve this loan that will re-vamp basic education (elementary) in the FSM. Considering how much sector grant funds have been used up for education, how will this differ?  We hope that FSM has learned from the years of spending precious education money under the compact of free association.

America’s outlying territories : A back door for terrorists, criminals and spies?

“Most Americans don’t know it but in 2008 Congress set up a special visa waiver program that allows Russian tourists to enter Guam, and permits both Chinese and Russian tourists to travel to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). They may enter without a visa, and remain for up to 45 days. This means that these individuals do not undergo the vetting normally required of Russian and Chinese visa applicants.”

No comment on this one, that’s all Guam and CNMI.  We have our own immigration procedures in the FSM and they are pretty adequate from what I’ve experienced.  Guam and Saipan have the military in their backyards to worry about, but they also have the FBI, Homeland Security, etc.

Yap cultural delegation visits China

Yet another chapter in the China – Yap story.  Yap should take advantage of the distance between them and China.  It would make sense for the Chinese to invest in Yap… as long as Yap positive control of that relationship.  Chinese has invested in America to the point of owning their debt, why can’t Yap build a resort?

FSM Gov job vacancies

Just another share of job openings “advertised” at the FSM Government.

And here is a great story coming out of Hawaii, actually a podcast.  Sen Glenn Wakai from the Kalihi-Salt lake district in Hawaii is a great friend of Micronesia.  Listen here: Sen Glenn Wakai Talks About His Outreach To Micronesia Kalanghan, Kinisou, Kulo and Kamagar!!



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