Microlinks 14 July 2017

Micronesians Worldwide,


Hope you are all doing well today.  As we go into the weekend, would like to share some news stories with you about our Home:

University of the South Pacific meets with Pacific Island diplomats – Over in Fiji the faculty met with representatives of countries with students attending USP.  Representing FSM was from the Embassy in Fiji was Mr Waguk.  There are 2 USP locations outside of Fiji in Micronesia – One in Nauru and the other in Majuro, RMI.


Our 20th FSM Congress is in a special session that will run until Saturday the 15th.  One of the bills for an act CB 20 – 43 reads from the first special session reads:

To propose an amendment by referendum to Article II section 1 of the Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia pertaining to the Supremacy of the FSM Constitution, and for other purposes.

I tried clicking on the link to get more details of this bill, but for the second day was unable to access on the 20th FSM Congress website cfsm.fm.  Maybe someone can click on it later and get the right destination.

Lots of sports activity in Guam, with the Marshallese ladies and Palauan guys winning bronze medals in the FIBA games.  I was wondering…. where is FSM?

I’d also like to share a great Facebook page that is helping our people in the states: We are Oceania is an excellent organization, doing great things.  Keep up the good work guys.












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