Microlinks 21 July 17 –

Bringing the Pacific into view for Chinese tourists

More and more we are hearing about the Chinese extending their reach across the Pacific.  The one belt-one road initiative is unfolding before our very eyes.

“Pacific Trade Invest China has teamed up with China’s leading travel channel to film a $350,000 series of promotions of Pacific Island destinations that will go to air later this year.”

Should we be afraid of this?  I remember a recent article about President Christian on a state visit to China brought so much attention to Micronesians (especially those living abroad).  In the end Bill Jaynes interviewed the President and we had our information meal.  But, sad to say the people did not know about this until he was already there…. no news from the FSM Government.

By the way, have you checked out the FSM Government’s information website? I hope it has been updated since 12 June 2017.


Training across the Pacific

Over in Fiji government representatives from 8 Pacific countries including the FSM and Palau attended a USAID/DFAT/GIZ workshop on climate finance readiness in the Pacific.  Over in Palau, 400 people attend the 30th Pacific Educational conference, RMI and the FSM attend.

“Mr Tabelaul, from Palau’s Ministry of Education, said the focus of the conference was quality and sustainability in education for student success.

“What can we share as a diverse entity in the Pacific. Something that will be an asset to our teachers and our educational systems, something that we’ll be able to use in the classrooms and for our children tomorrow and the day after will be able to be who they are as islanders and then also somebody that can stand the 21st century challenges,” said Andrew Tabelaul.”

We blogged previously about a 8.3 million grant from the ADB through the Australia and FSM Government to improve basic education in the FSM.  It’s good to see that our focus continues to be in our children, the future.  We hope to see this continue as we head into 2023 when the economic portion of our beloved funding from the US changes.


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