Micronesia down in Melanesia

Last month FSM President Pete Christian was down in the Solomon Islands for the RAMSI closing ceremony.  Ever heard of RAMSI?  I don’t think many FSM citizens are aware of our contribution to ‘helping the Solomon Islands lay the foundations for long-term stability, security and prosperity.’

RAMSI stands for Regional Assistance Mission Solomon Islands.  Their website at RAMSI.ORG explains:

After five years of ethnic tensions, and a coup in 2000, the problems facing Solomon Islands were many and serious. Law and order had broken down, officials and private citizens were subject to intimidation and violence, and corruption was unfettered. The Government and its institutions had ceased to function effectively. Corruption was widespread. Public finances were in ruin and many of the most basic services such as health and education were not being delivered to the people.”

So, basically the country was in chaos and on the brink of a total breakdown.  Sounds like a dangerous situation to me.  And so… as good neighbors, FSM, Palau and RMI decided to help our Melanesian brothers and sisters.  It’s what we do in the Islands.


FSM joined RAMSI in 2006 according to their website. Over the years we have sent down FSM National Police Officers to help out in sometimes dangerous situations far away from home.  I’ve asked RAMSI to provide the names of our Officers and the time periods they spent in Solomon Islands.  Still waiting for their reply.

Their website shows Mr Raynold Julios from Pohnpei as a serving Officer:

My name is Raynold Julios from the Federated States of Micronesia National Police Force based in the state of Pohnpei. I joined the Force in late 2009. I hold the rank of Officer 1.

In the RAMSI Participating Police Force (PPF) I am an advisor to the General Duties at the Honiara Central Police Station. I work alongside shift supervisors and constables providing professional advice as I see fit. I recently adopted the role of an advisor with the watch house Sergeant and his constables looking after all the documents and photographs of the arrestees taken and making sure the appropriate protocols and processes are followed.

RAMSI is a very good opportunity for me to learn new things from my fellow PPF and RSIPF officers. These lessons will become useful when I return to the FSM Police Force. I thank RAMSI for giving me this opportunity.

I was able to find these two pictures featuring Delincoln Norman Jr – who passed away (RIP) and Raynold Julios.

What a great program to be involved in to help out our brothers and sisters down south.  If you know an Officer who served in Solomon Islands on our behalf, give him/her a hi-five and say thank you for representing FSM!



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